Company Overview

Established in 1986, Convergent Computing (CCO) has over 65 consultants and experts that help medium and large organizations architect, implement, migrate, and support their on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid networking environments by leveraging tips, tricks, and best practices developed 2-3 years before products are released to the general marketplace.


CCO's consultants have literally "written the book" on the latest technologies, IT solutions, and best practice strategic processes.  Books on things like enterprise project management,  cyber-security, cloud computing, enterprise content management, contemporary operating systems, mobile computing, electronic messaging, telephony integration, and object oriented runbook automation processes.  CCO's consultants are world renown experts that help organizations better plan, implement, and support their enterprise computing environments through proven experience and best practices, simplifying implementations and effectively "doing it right the first time!"

Scope of Services

CCO's consultants provide their services on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or project-by-project basis. Services may involve assisting an organization by: 

  1. Reviewing an existing architecture design or implementation to confirm the environment is designed and/or working properly.

  2. Reviewing existing business processes, operational workflows, and communication systems and recommend best practices how the organization can streamline procedures to better leverage cloud-based and on-premise technologies to improve business efficiencies and ultimately lower business process costs.

  3. Recommending appropriate technology solutions based on experiences and decisions made by other organizations of similar size, industry, or practices.

  4. Planning and architecting a migration or implementation based on best practices, tips, and tricks.

  5. Performing knowledge transfer and information sharing on how an organization can best administer, manage, and support their environment.

  6. Managing projects to ensure the implementation is conducted based on industry experience and best practices.

  7. Documenting policies and procedures and creating reports that meet regulatory compliance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, etc.

  8. And, providing support assistance to organizations to maintain and manage a successful ongoing network environment that helps the organization meet its business and operational objectives.


CCO is unique in its breadth and depth of expertise and experience as documented through credentials, case studies, and customer / technology partner references. CCO has dozens of “experts” on staff that are world renowned public speakers and authors that speak and write based on years of real world experience in production and pre-release technology environments.


CCO blends this extensive expertise and experience with creative, value-based approaches, well-established internal quality control procedures and an absolute commitment to work collaboratively with its clients in establishing long-term client relationships.