The author/experts at Convergent Computing regularly speak at conference and conventions around the world, with regularly scheduled workshops offered in the San Francisco Bay Area typically every month. Many of the events are recorded and are also available 24x7 on demand.

Recorded (Historical) "On-Demand" Online Events

Optimizing the End User Experience in the Changing Landscape of IT 03/05/2014
With cloud-based services now hosting email, file sharing and collaboration tools, business productivity applications today aren’t always in the datacenter. Organizations are finding users with a mix of company-owned and personally-owned devices which include various makes and models of laptops, tablets and mobile phones. In this session, bestselling author and world renowned public speaker, Rand Morimoto, will share best practices about how I.T. departments around the world are changing their business model to address BYOD, cloud hosted applications, intellectual property protection, and regulatory compliance as it relates to end user experiences.
IT Strategy in the 21st Century (Bellevue, Sacramento, San Francisco) 10/22/2013
This is a seminar that Rand Morimoto led on 10/22/2013 in Bellevue, 10/23 in Sacramento, and 11/5 in San Francisco that covers IT Strategies for organizations across BYOD, Cloud, Data, and Social...
Microsoft Technology Roadmap - Rands Datacenter-Cloud Presentation 10/17/2013
This is Rand's presentation at the Microsoft Technology Roadmap event in Mountain View on 10/17/2013 on Microsoft's Cloud and Datacenter
PowerShell Deployment Toolkit (PDT) 09/25/2013
In this session, System Center author/expert Chris Amaris covers the Microsoft PowerShell Deployment Toolkit (PDT). PDT provides a scripted method of installing Windows server systems.
Protecting Identity and Data in the Age of Social Media and the Cloud 08/28/2013
In this session, bestselling author and former Internet Security Advisor to the White House, Rand Morimoto, shares a four-step process on how organizations can protect employee identity and organizational data in an era where users access data from unsecured personal devices, have prevalent access to unmanaged 'cloud' storage systems, and frequently cross the boundary between personal and business information space.
CGIAR Microsoft 2013 Strategy and Roadmap 05/08/2013
CGIAR Microsoft 2013 Strategy and Technology Roadmap Event Content
Microsoft Roadmap 2013 - Sacramento & San Francisco 04/24/2013
This is the content Rand Morimoto covered at the 2-hour Microsoft Roadmap 2013 events in Sacramento (April 25th) and San Francisco (March 19th). The session covers Windows 2012, Exchange 2013, Lync 2013, Office 365, SharePoint 2013, System Center 2012, Intune, SQL 2012, etc
Exchange 2013 Event - Mountain View 04/16/2013
Exchange 2013 content Rand presented "Deployment and Co-existence" and "Exchange Online Protection (EOP)"
Early Adopter Lessons Learned on Win 8, Windows 2012, Systems Center 2012 and Azure Virtual Machines 10/30/2012
Session on Windows 8, Windows 2012, System Center 2012, Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, and Office 2013
Windows 8, Windows 2012, Office 2013 - What's New 10/25/2012
In this session, bestselling author, Rand Morimoto, covers "What's New" in Windows 8, Windows 2012, and Office 2013
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