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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unleashed

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Unleashed Rand Morimoto, Michael Noel, Chris Amaris, and Andrew Abbate
Publisher: SAMS
Pubished: 10/26/2009
ISBN10: 0-672-33046-6
ISBN13: 978-0-672-33046-6
Pages: 1320

This is the ultimate guide to the design, migration, implementation, administration, management, and support of an Exchange Server 2010 environment. The recommendations, tips, and tricks covered are based on more than two years of early adopter implementations of Exchange 2010. The authors highlight the features and functions that organizations both large and small have found to be the important components in Exchange 2010, including the new Outlook Web Access that supports non-Windows and non-Microsoft browsers (including FireFox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome), functions that better database replication for high availability and disaster recovery, and integrated voicemail unified messaging.


Detailed information on how to…

  • Plan your implementation and migration to Exchange 2010
  • Confirm that your architecture of Exchange 2010 meets best practices
  • Build a lab environment to test that your migration, implementation, and support processes are valid
  • Implement Database Availability Group (DAG) Replication for effective disaster recovery of a failed Exchange server or site
  • Integrate Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging into an existing telephony environment
  • Optimize Exchange 2010 for a scalable enterprise environment
  • Administer and support Exchange on an ongoing basis