Problem Solving and Debugging

Convergent Computing provides Problem Solving, Debugging, Performance Tuning, and Optimization Consulting services. They include:

Active Directory Design Assessment and Healthcheck Optimization
  1. With Microsoft Active Directory firmly being the root for security and application integration of Microsoft products (ie: Exchange, SharePoint, Office Communications Server, System Center, SQL, etc), having a properly designed and implemented Active Directory is critical for organizations.  CCO performs Active Directory suitability assessments where it reviews business operations, IT administration practices, and application usage, and makes recommendations how Active Directory can be restructured and optimized to meet the needs of the organization.  Most AD reorganizations can be done without having to "re-do" Active Directory, just simply making backend changes to Organizational Units, Groups, and Site configuration settings that make all the difference in helping an organization leverage Active Directory to their benefit
  2. CCO also provides Active Directory Health Checks to determine whether an organization's existing Active Directory is working properly.  This involves using tools like replmon, repadmin, DCDiag, and the like to validate AD replication between Global Catalog servers are working properly, file replication services is sending group policy updates across all catalog servers, AD objects that are supposed to be on the network are on the network, or removing stale or obsolete objects from Active Directory to properly clean up the environment.  This is a crucial step not only to keep AD working properly on a day to day basis, but is absolutely important before the organization extends the Active Directory schema (when adding a new application) or upgrading to the latest version of Active Directory.
Microsoft Exchange Problem Resolution
  1. When Microsoft Exchange works, it's one of the greatest messaging systems available, however when problems arise, it is frustrating for organizations to isolate and resolve.  Common problems are things like database corruption, slowdown in Outlook performance (taking 20 seconds or 2 minutes to open a shared calendar or access messages), cluster failover problems, lost messages, and the like.  Because CCO has been working with Microsoft Exchange longer than any other consulting firm in the world with experience understand the underpinnings of Exchange such as EDB databases, DSACCESS, MAPI, WebDAV DNS, and the like, CCO has helped hundreds of organizations isolate and identify months of nagging problems with Exchange in a matter of hours.
  2. Convergent Computing's problem solving and resolution assistance helps organizations identify problems, understand "quirks" in Exchange, how to minimize / avoid / eliminate problems, and how to best manage and administer Exchange based on years of best practice development.
LAN / WAN Performance Tuning and Optimization
  1. Due to a variety of reasons, system performance may slow down and require tuning and optimization to get the network to run in peak condition.
  2. CCO consultant Chris Amaris wrote a 1000-page book on "Performance Tuning and Optimization" that addresses a variety of different ways an organization can get faster performance from their networking systems.
  3. CCO's personnel can provide hands-on assistance at identifying performance problems, and can provide assistance improving system performance.
Virus Eradication Assistance
  1. Years ago an organization could expect to see a new virus pop up once every few weeks, however today there are over 150 new viruses introduced each day.  While many organizations have put in virus scanning software to their servers and desktops, occasionally a virus makes its way in to the network.
  2. CCO can provide hands-on assistance at eradicating viruses in an enterprise.  CCO works with various tools to eliminate viruses from desktops, servers, messaging systems, and other application servers.
  1. With over 85% of all emails sent on the Internet being unwanted / SPAM messages, organizations are needing ways to filter for these undesired messages from filling up employee inboxes and cluttering up network bandwidth.
  2. CCO can provide hands-on assistance at implementing Anti-Spam technologies in an enterprise.  CCO works with various tools to identify SPAM sources, implement filters, and provide support for ongoing minimization and elimination of unwanted email messages.
Proactive Network Monitoring and Management Systems Implementation Assistance
  1. Organizations (and definitely senior management) want the IT networking environment to be operational 24x7 with no downtime, however as any IT professional knows, systems do fail and thus fault tolerance and disaster recovery procedures must be in place.
  2. CCO works with a variety of tools that help organizations proactively monitor their critical systems and get alerts far before a problem occurs.  These tools and systems help organizations minimize downtime caused by unplanned system failures.