Staff Augmentation

Convergent Computing provides Staff Augmentation services. They include:

Backfill During an Employee Vacation
  1. Many times organizations are challenged to maintain the support of their network operations when one of their key employees takes off on vacation. CCO can provide a qualified individual to backfill during a planned employee absence.
  2. Because vacations are typically scheduled in advance, a day or two of cross training can be scheduled before the employees vacation so that the CCO resource can be prepared to provide assistance and support from Day One.
Backfill During an Employee Unplanned (illness / family emergency / etc) Outage
  1. Sometimes IT personnel call in sick or have unplanned family emergencies they need to tend to that causes a support problem for an organization.
  2. CCO has qualified personnel on staff that are extremely familiar with a range of technologies that can backfill during a unscheduled employee absence.
  3. While the CCO resource may not know the exact networking environment of the organization, they are experts at the technology and can typically learn and adapt quite quickly to various situations. Or CCO provides contracts where an organization can have a CCO employee cross trained and "on call" so the individual is ready to jump in to provide support of the networking environment with some knowledge of the organizations system and structure.
Backfilling for an Employee Who is Out for an Extended Period of Time (maternity leave / scheduled leave of absence / etc)
  1. There are times when an organization needs a skilled person to fill in for an employee who is on extended leave, such as out for a few months on maternity leave, or out on a scheduled leave of absence.  Since the employee is expected to return, the organization does not want to hire a full time employee to backfill.
  2. CCO can provide a qualified individual to backfill during the extended period on a weekly or monthly basis, and can be terminated as soon as the employee returns.
Adding a Contract Resource with Specific Skills to Provide Extra Assistance During a Project
  1. During a project, an organization may have the need to get a resource that has specific skills that can provide point level assistance during the project.  This might be a DNS expert, or a Group Policy expert, or a Desktop imaging expert, or the like.
  2. CCO has employees with a wide range of skills and experiences where a particular individual can be directly matched up with the requirements the organization needs to fill during any stage of a project.
Adding a Contract Resource with Specific Skills to Provide Knowledge Transfer and Hands-on Assistance during a Project
  1. Many organizations want to leverage the skills and experience of an expert that has done a particular type of work in the past, but the organization still wants its internal employees to learn and be prepared to conduct the work on an ongoing basis.
  2. CCO provides organizations experts on a daily or weekly basis where the experts role is to solely provide knowledge transfer to the clients employees.  The knowledge transfer can be in the form of verbal brainstorm knowledge sharing or even hands-on assistance and oversight.
  3. These experts can be added to a team on a hourly or daily basis, or they could be added for a particular length of time throughout a project.
Adding "Bodies" to a Short Term Project to Provide a Helping Hand (facility move / migration project / major roll-out)
  1. During major events such as an office move or a major roll-out, organizations want to supplement their staff with skilled resources to provide assistance during a specific phase of a project.
  2. CCO can provide several resources whether it's over a week long migration or over a weekend office move to "lend a hand" at whatever the organization may require.