Cloud and Datacenter Management

The Cloud and Datacenter Management technology practice addresses server, datacenter, and cloud data and infrastructure management including Cloud data management, Operating System Deployment, Management of any server or device (Windows, Linux, Cisco routers, NetApp SANs, Oracle/SAP hosts, VMware servers, etc)), Policy Management, and the like.

The Cloud and Datacenter Management practice provides business assistance:

  • Consolidating management tools into a single integrated platform utilizing something like Microsoft System Center 2012.
  • Reducing costs through Automation and Standardization of IT processes and deployments.
  • Reducing time to market for solutions.
  • Providing flexibility in cross platform management (work in progress).
  • Enabling visibility into existing infrastructures and applications, bringing detailed knowledge to management and staff.
  • Delivering measurable Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Enabling solutions where the product only gets you 90% of the way there and need to develop the last 10%.

The Cloud and Datacenter Management practice assists organizations choose, design, implement, migrate, integrate, and support a variety of products and technologies (solutions that are installed inhouse and on-premise as well as solutions that are hosted in the cloud).  Some of the technology and solution areas CCO assists organizations include:

Infrastructure Management (Automated Provisioning, Systems Management, Operating System Deployment, Private Cloud Management, Monitoring and Alerting)

Application Management (Application deployment, Application self-service, Application monitoring)

Service Management (Self-service portals, Self-service provisioning, Change Management, Incident Management, CMDB)

Development/Automation (Complex task automation, Integration, Customized web interfaces)