CCO Partner Michael Noel Presents on all 7 Continents!

by Rand Morimoto


After several years of presenting in various locations across six continents, Michael had the opportunity to present on the final continent, Antarctica, as part of an organized event sponsored by large SharePoint companies AvePoint and FPWeb.

The event was organized under the ‘Sharing the Point’ tour (, which is a tour company founded by Michael and several other worldwide SharePoint speakers with the established goal of bringing SharePoint to places where it has never been.  The first part of the trip involved sessions in major South American cities such as Buenos Aires, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; and Santiago, Chile, where the speakers presented to large audiences in markets which had never before had a dedicated SharePoint event.

After a successful tour of South American, six of the STP speaker team, including Michael flew down from Punta Arenas, Chile to King George Island, the most populated place in Antarctica, with a summertime population of up to 500.  The STP speaking team discussed SharePoint and other Microsoft related topics to the researchers and civilians on the island, in the Russian, Chilean, Uruguayan, and Chinese bases, while at the same time conducting ‘sessions’ with local wildlife that was taped for use back in more populated continents (

This event was the first ever organized IT conference on the continent of Antarctica, and the team succeeded in their goal of bringing SharePoint to the final continent.