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Windows & SQL Migration to Microsoft Azure Services


Application and Datacenter Migration

Organizations should not just "migrate to the cloud" as their technology strategy, but rather "modernize" what they do and how they do things.  Convergent Computing wrote a book titled "Application and Datacenter Modernization" that provides guidance on building a roadmap to cloud modernization.

Leveraging Microsoft's Azure Cloud for the Modern Datacenter

Microsoft is a leader in modern cloud datacenter platforms in what they call Microsoft Azure.  Microsoft Azure provides a foundation for all of the fundamental basics of computing including storage, networking, virtual machines, databases, and systems management.  CCO's book titled "Building a Modern Datacenter in the Azure Cloud" provides step by step guidance on leveraging Microsoft Azure for the modern cloud datacenter.

Case Studies

CCO has complete many Windows and SQL Migrations to the Microsoft Azure cloud.  Some of the key success stories include:

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