Architectural Design, Planning & Implementation Services

Phase One: Formal Architectural Design and Planning Engagement

CCO's Consultants help organizations plan and design the implementation and migration of technologies, based on years of early adopter and prior real world experience. Plans and designs not only address a specific technology, but address areas that integrate with the technology that might include security, directory integration, storage, high availability, mobile access, administration, and disaster recovery. CCO's consultants have a breadth and depth of knowledge that helps ensure a solution is not just focused on a single platform, but everything that touches and integrates with that platform.

Phase Two: Implementation / Migration Engagement

CCO's Consultants then roll their sleeves up and help organizations implement and integrate technologies together, so far beyond just the theoretical planning and talking about implementation, but actually making it work. Because CCO's consultants actually touch the technologies, when they plan and design solutions, they know firsthand what works, what doesn't work, and has an extensive list of tips and tricks to ensure a plan results in a successful implementation.