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Hands-on Tech Modernization

Deep Dive with the Industry's Top Experts

CCO's Consultants have literally written the book on cloud and on-prem technologies, whether it's Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Active Directory, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, System Center, VMware, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, AWS, Google Workspace, Apple Macs, intune, or the like.  Having been in business for 35+ years, CCO's experts have deep deep hands-on expertise in legacy through the latest technologies available, and help organizations upgrade, update, or solve challenging problems with the tech solutions they have.

Migrate to the Latest Cloud Solutions

As organizations shift to the cloud, whether its Microsoft, AWS, Google, or even hybrid and private clouds, CCO's consultants were the FIRST to embrace, gain expertise, and lends its technical knowledge and experience to enterprises in their journey to the cloud.

Standardizing using Automation

Many repetitive tasks do not require someone to click through configuration steps over and over, but can be scripted into an automated process so the person overseeing the process doesn't have to "click", they just have to audit the completed process to confirm the results are what were expected.  Automated tasks also ensure consistency each and every time, so that during security and compliance audits, a standard operating procedure is followed each and every time through automated sequences.  CCO helps organizations leverage automation best practices, utilizing scripts and sequences that have already proven to be successful for other similar organizational needs.

Leveraging Data Analytics

"Data" is leveraged by the most successful enterprises in the world these days, precisely knowing transactions in realtime, creating profiles and patterns of processes, understanding behaviors and metrics to help organizations make challenging decisions quickly and efficiently.  CCO leverages the latest in data driven artificial intelligence and cognitive services to help organizations get the most out of the data resources available these days.

Enterprise Datacenter & Cloud Operations Review

CCO reviews how organizations are monitoring, managing, and maintaining their on-premise and cloud resources as they relate to best practices.  Are monitoring, patching, and alerting systems based on legacy (solely on-premise) datacentric environment models or have they been updated to meet the hybrid and cloud-focused models (including Software as a Service models) common in environments today?


Application and Datacenter Modernization Assessment

The focus of this assessment is to strategically look for areas to simplify the existing I.T. infrastructure and identify systems and infrastructure that are good candidates to move to cloud-based offerings, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services where appropriate.  As part of this assessment, CCO also looks for other ways to consolidate or remove systems as much as possible to reduce long-term cost and simplify ongoing supportability.

Technology Roadmap

CCO assesses an organization’s 12-24-month technology roadmap, provides recommendation and guidance on the appropriate sequence (chicken and the egg) of IT initiatives, and inserts recommended technology solutions in an appropriate order for deployment and enablement. This helps organizations structure IT initiatives in a sequence that builds on base solutions and supports business priorities.

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