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CCO COVID-19 Statement

{Updated April 10, 2022}

As much as California (where we are headquartered) and many other jurisdictions around the globe where our employees 

live and where we serve our customers re-open their economies, we know there are many other localities that are still observing lockdowns and Covid-based restrictions.

Convergent Computing respects and adheres to all organizational policies and local ordinance restrictions as we do our part in keeping our employees and the customers we serve, safe and in good health.

As we've learned over the past 2+ years, it takes creativity and flexibility to work our way through our daily tasks, and to provide our customers the support and assistance they require.

If there is anything we can do to be of help, please let us know!  As an entrepreneurial business, we have no bureaucracy in our decision making, let us know and we will jump in and do what we can...

 - Rand

{Posted March 17, 2020}

For all those struggling with the challenges of the impact of COVID-19, we wish everyone strength and good health to persevere through the crisis, and we pray for a rapid return to normalcy.

During this crisis, our work at Convergent Computing (CCO) continues for all of our clients, and we extend our hands out to those who could use our assistance.  As local and state ordinances were issued for those in our region to "shelter at home," some of the things we've been lending organizations a hand include:

  1. Backend Readiness:  We’ve been helping organizations solidify and scale their “backend” technology operations to support a companywide remote user environment (expanding and scaling VPN connectivity, helping organizations roll out Skype / Teams / Zoom Web and Video Conferencing systems to keep in communications with their employees, and rapidly addressing broad scale remote security and information protection)

  2. Implementation of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD):  We've partnered with Microsoft in a service offering that helps organizations rapidly implement (typically within 2-3 days for hundreds of users (4-7 days for thousands of users)) a cloud-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) / "remote application" technology that allows employees from home access both cloud-based and traditional on-premise business applications from any endpoint device (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)

  3. Self-Help and Self-Service Scalability: We’ve created a handful of 1-pager self-help cheat sheets that our customers share out to their users to help them use Teams, Skype, remote VPN solutions, etc for the layer of users that can figure stuff out on their own

  4. White Glove Executive Assistance and Helpdesk Support:  And then we’ve been providing 1:1 direct assistance to key executives and personnel, and general supplemental helpdesk support to organizations as they look to get communications and "work from home" scenarios working for everyone in their business.

Every organization is a little different, and we welcome a conversation on how we can jump in and lend a hand.  Please let us know how we can help!

As a workforce with workers across the United States and in International locations, we know there are many people that have been laid off, furloughed, or just not getting as many hours that they need to pay their bills.  While we know we can't single-handedly solve a global challenge for everyone, over the past few weeks, CCO has:

  • given its employees funds specifically for them to target spending at local restaurants (take-out meal orders)

  • and asked it's employees to personally contribute to local organizations and even friends/neighbors that could use a helping hand (and have been VERY proud of the outreach and response of our employees to lend a hand to those who could use a little boost...)

CCO has been in business for over 30-years and has lived through earthquakes, regional power outages, and recessions.  We are continuing to operate our business without interruption to our clients (albeit from our homes in a remote workforce manner), and we are doubling up our time to lend a hand to others.

Let us know how we can be of assistance!   We hope everyone remains healthy and safe, as we come together to help one another the best we can through it all!


Rand Morimoto

President & Founder

Convergent Computing (CCO)


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