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The Team

Our Consultants aren't just familiar with the theory of how technology solutions works, they roll-up their sleeves every day and work hands-on with the solutions so they know first hand what works and what doesn't work.

Our Consultants have been working with technology solutions for years, many over 20-30 years, and with a broad range of technologies across a wide range of industries so the experts aren't just "specialists" in one area, but have depth of experience across a wide range of solutions.


Below is a list of CCO's senior management team as well as a handful of the consultants based in the United States and in Asia working with our clients day in and day out.

Rand Morimoto
Chief Executive Officer and President

Known as a thought-leader in Cybersecurity and Information Technologies, Rand travels around the world speaking to companies and governments alike as to how best leverage technology in today's unforgiving times.

Chris Amaris
Chief Technology Officer and Partner

As a specialist in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, PowerBI, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Analytics and automation overall, Chris loves educating those on the endless possibilities behind the technologies of tomorrow, today.

Rich Dorfman
Vice President, Client & Professional Services, and Partner

Committed throughout his career to understanding the needs of both medium-sized and Enterprise-level businesses , Rich believes the key to every engagement is CCO's professional marksman-like attention to details.  

Eva SooHoo
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Human Resources

Our employees, customers and business partners remains our focus.  And Eva makes it a point to keep it that way.

Valerie Hallstrom
Vice President of Finance and Operations

As a team, CCO is committed in making sure every part of your experience with us is an efficient one.  Valerie and her team tries hard to make sure you have what you need - when you need it - everytime.

Guy Yardeni
Principal Consultant and Partner

Having architected and led countless global deployments in the areas of banking, bio-tech, retail and manufacturing, Guy strongly believes that if your company can't afford any missteps, you better make sure you know what you're doing.  And we do.

Michael Noel
Principal Consultant and Partner

Michael is a well-renowned technology expert who has presented at over 200 events in over 80 countries around the world. He excels at building technology solutions that are driven by the business needs of a diverse range of organizations.

Andrew Abbate
Principal Consultant and Partner

Having spent years helping companies solve business problems through technology/process reform, Andrew believes the simplest solutions are often the best.  And that you only add complexity when there's a problem that your simple solution can't solve.

Colin Spence
Principal Consultant and Partner

Colin's passion for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has led to complex migrations, modern intranets, line of business applications that leverage SharePoint sites and data sources, and increased use of Azure tools for enterprise solutions.

David Ross
Principal Consultant and Partner

Having led countless design and implementation projects, David is also CCO's Unified Communications Practice Lead, assisting organizations of all sizes to meet their UC requirements leveraging Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

Glenn Walton
Principal Consultant

As an IT professional whose spent numerous years in consulting dating back to his MCS days, Glenn believes every IT solution is a blend of people, process and technology, and a solution must be viable across all of those facets.

Alex Sandstrom
Principal Consultant

As a Principal Consultant, Alex has worked with enterprise clients to architect, plan and manage IT Infrastructure and Technology projects, to include planning and managing transitions for organizations to the era of the cloud.

Jeffrey Geer
Principal Consultant

With the challenges that modern IT faces,  Jeff believes the success of any IT project, big or small, depends on whether you’ve taken the time to fully understand what’s being asked and how best to fulfill that need.

Peter Handley

Pete has been helping companies achieve their business objectives for over 20 years. He has extensive experience with Microsoft desktop and server operating systems and a focus on cloud integration, automation and user experience.

Marcus Clayton

As a late, Marcus has been primarily focused on the Cloud for Modern Business, Microsoft Azure which enables our customers to build, deploy, scale and manage servers, services and applications across a world-wide network of data centers.

Conan Flint

Having led countless engagements to include Process Automation. MDM, Systems Management and Mergers & Acquisition/Divestiture-type projects, Conan brings a wealth of knowledge to all his projects.

Cameron Rocke

As an IT professional for over a decade, Cameron has assisted countless companies with identifying and streamlining technical processes to increase efficiency.  Cameron believes that automation and repeatability are key to optimization.

Kim Amaris
Business Analyst and Program Manager

In her years of experience, Kim has always been very passionate about technology and its impact.  As a Program Manager, Kim loves being a part of a team that implements technology to improve the work day experience for all our clients.

Kelly Dorfman
Business Analyst and Project Manager

Kelly is passionate about end-user change management, making complex technology changes appear simple and approachable to those impacted. She preaches 'creating and maintaining an open, collaborative line of communication is key'.

Charmaine Harmon
Project Manager

Charmaine has primarily been focused on our ECM solution-driven customers here at CCO since day one.  With an eye for details and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Charmaine helps projects stay on budget and on track.

Jason Fu
Senior Account Manager and Channel Alliance Manager

We often lose sight that its the technology that serves the people, and not the other way around.  Many still don't understand that you can't keep doing things the old way - when technology today practically manages themselves, when implemented properly.

Steven Hejtmanek
Senior Account Manager

With a passion for people and collaborating on ways to solve problems and overcome challenges, Steven enjoys establishing and maintaining solid relationships and teaming with our consultants to drive meaningful results.

Martin Brohm
Resource Manager

When we're fortunate to be as busy as we are, scheduling can sometimes be a challenge given everyone's busy schedules.  Martin is committed in doing his very best in providing you timely resources that everyone can plan for.

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