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Our Core Principle

Every Engagement is a Partnership.

"Having Been in Business for over 30 Years, We've Always Measured Our Success by Your Success.  Hence, I Whole-Heartedly Believe that to Best Serve You And Your Goals, We Must Spend the Time to Truly Understand You & Your Business.  You Have My Commitment that My Team and I Will Make the Full Investment To Do Just That."

                                        ~ Rand Morimoto, President and CEO, Convergent Computing

Our focus these days is to drive 'true' I.T. transformation.  Not trudge along for years upgrading technology by technology like what was done the past 20 years.  But identify where the business wants technology to fit in their business success (leveraging business intelligence, real-time inventory or goods tracking, factory or production automation, etc.) and quickly get the "backend" of I.T. updated to modern solutions so that the organization can then build on top of that solid, secure, simplified base - to do the things it wants and needs to do as an organization. 


We sit down with an organization’s ownership or executive management team, share with them what other organizations in similar industries that we work with are doing to transform their business from non-functional, complex, expensive IT systems TO models where we effectively put in environments that don’t require full time I.T. personnel so that the organization can focus on what it does as a business, not sink money into I.T. overhead.


Lots of options available today that didn’t exist just a few years ago, the real value is in minimizing “I.T. stuff” and focusing on business use of technology on the frontlines.

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