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Adoption and Change Management

User Adoption is Key to Productive Business Operations

As updates on technologies roll out on a continuous basis, and as new tools and improved processes help users and organizations better protect themselves against phishing and ransomware attacks, it's important to gain user adoption of the tech that is in front of them.  CCO not only provides organizations technical expertise to implement and migrate technologies, but also teams of resources to help organizations in the technology adoption process.

White Glove Assistance

In every organization there are individuals that are important to provide extra support and assistance as technologies are rolled out, upgraded, or updated.  Frequently key executives, exec admins, and frontline personnel can benefit from 1:1 support.  CCO has specialists with exceptional customer service and communication skills that help key individuals through the process.

Self-Service Support

Another area common these days are self-service resources to provide quick cheat sheet guidance to those who just need a little assistance on what's new being rolled out.  CCO has created 1-pager guides, quick tip (60-second) videos, and quick tip snippits intended to support the whole group of users that can and like to figure things out on their own.

Knowledge Sharing

And for those technologies and users that can benefit from more formal training sessions, or I.T. personnel that need dedicated time going through day to day administration tools, problem solving tips, and best practices, CCO provides a whole range of knowledge sharing services.

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